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The Crystal Garden

The Crystal Garden is a 3D Adventure / Puzzle game similar to the N64 Zelda games.

You need to fight you foes and solve puzzle in each dungeon you progress and explore. Each dungeon will provide you with a new weapon, which then, that will let you explore further and deeper in the world of The Crystal Garden.


The story follows the quest of a young boy, Kaen. Which he grew up with an old man in a village near an enchanted forest. When he was young he was fascinating with the stories of the gods which were living in this enchanted forest.

The world was suffering from many natural disasters in the past decade. Glenn, the old man who raised Kaen, explained that the god lived between us, and wanted to destroy humanity, in order to save earth from the catastrophes humanity had caused through their wars. He explained in his stories that someone have to enter the enchanted forest, and request a second chance from the gods, but the entrance to the forest is always blocked.

One day Kaen manage to enter the forest, and his quest to have an audience with the gods begins. As he progress and comes closer with each step, he learns the story why the gods really want to get rid of humanity.

As the story of the gods is explained, the past of Kaen is revealed. Indirectly, the past of Kaen, is the same as the gods, but Kaen is still follows his quest to save humanity. Because the real question is, when you can destroy the ones who made you suffer, are you actually thinking for the greater good? Or you destroy everything blinded by your wrath?

Main Story Characters

Kaen – The main character of The Crystal Garden. Since young age he was trained with the skills of sword and shield since Glenn was preparing him for his quest to enter the Enchanted Forest.

He is a quiet guy, which never made any trouble although everyone in the village was blaming him as he was an orphan of war. His only fired, is Disoul, his ferret which found in the forest when he was little.


Disoul – Disoul is a ferret, and he accompany Kaen on his main quest. Disoul does not like humans, his only friend is Kaen and he will hiss to everyone else.


Glenn – Glenn is the old man who raised and trained Kaen. He was the only one who loved him and accepted him. He is different from the rest of the villagers as he still believes in the ancient myths of the gods.

Glenn is carpenter and he is the one made the shield of Kane. He also knows about the natural catastrophes are the deeds of the gods and was preparing Kaen for his long quest before even Kaen knew it.


Serlein – Serlein is an enchanted girl which you find in the Enchanted Forest. She is from the side of the gods, she has low expectations from humans but her work is to guide you and point you to the right direction.

A human entering the Enchanted forest is very rare. Therefore the gods, have the “Evaluators” in order to evaluate the ones who enter if they are worthy to have an audience with the gods or not.


The Stranger – The stranger is another human who manage to enter the Enchanted Forest for his own personal reasons. You will encounter him in your journey but you do not know if he is your friend or foe.


The God – Chamber of the gods is the final place Kaen wishes to reach in order to request a second chance on behalf of the whole humanity. Having an audience with The God is a completely another fight.

The Team

The Crystal Garden game is a combined work of five individuals


Programmer: Tasos Rezu

Tasos is the constructor of The Crystal Garden. His responsibilities is the programming of the mechanics of the game, including the implementation of the animations and creation of the AI.

For more of his work, click here


Concept Artist: Chris Kasimidis

Chris is the soul of The Crystal Garden. His inspiration created the characters we see in the world of The Crystal Garden. He creates the first shape of the main character and the creatures of the world.

For more of his work, click here or here


3D Character Modeler/Artist: Chrysanthi Lykousi

Chrysanthi is the enchanter of The Crystal Garden. She builds the depth of the world as she dives more emphasis to the third dimension. Her 3D character modeling skills, is the first life of the world of The Crystal Garden.

For more of her work, click here


3D Environment Modeler/Artist: Foivos Kouerinis

Foivos is the architect of The Crystal Garden. His imagination gives color to the world. He build the world up as an engineer, making sure the player will have the best experience of the adventure, exploration and puzzle solving that you will face during your adventure.

For more of his work, click here


Game Designer/Animator: Alex Eleftheriou

Alex is the author of The Crystal Garden. His responsibilities are to come up with the story, gameplay and coordination of the whole team. Apart from that, he gives life to the models by animating the characters.

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